What Is ABC?

We're Not Marvel's Wolverine

  • Our bodies CAN self-heal a ton of issues (sprains and strains, colds and flu, etc.)  

  • Our bodies are NOT TOTALLY self-correcting (ever had a broken bone that wasn't set correctly?)

  • Health in our body is defined as our body working at its best on a mechanical level (even the chemistry comes down to mechanics if you look at it from a small enough viewpoint, i.e. the shapes of molecules and atoms fitting together)

  • To get and keep bodies healthy, the things that CAN'T self-correct must be corrected by an outside agency (Something or Someone).

  • There are bones in our bodies which go out of place in a direction that
    1. The body CAN self-correct
    2. The body CANNOT self-correct

  • Advanced BioStructural Correction tests which bones are out of place that your body can and cannot self-correct...then ONLY corrects the ones your body can't fix on its own.

The Benefits Are Huge

During your first visit with Take A Breather, the Initial Assessment and Correction, you'll see and feel your posture change!  

  • We take before and after photos so you can see the difference right away!

Good Posture has undeniable benefits to your health:

  • Increased ability to breathe (want to work harder and have increased stamina?)

  • Increased circulation (want your hands and feet to stop being so cold?)

  • Increased ability to digest after eating (want to be able to get all those healthy nutrients and use the bathroom without issue?)

  • Reduction of neck and back pain (want to wake up without being achy and stiff?)

  • Increased ability to think clearly (want to not feel like you're in a fog cloud all day long?)

Stop Fighting Your Body.

If you could start feeling a difference in your posture and health today, would you?

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Stop Fighting Your Body.  Relax, and Take A Breather!

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